The Facets of Mechanical Engineering Within the Catering Industry

commercial kitchenFor anyone who owns a Food Catering Chicago, or a party catering enterprise in Chicago, there are many ways that mechanical engineering can be used in any aspects of the catering business, from the simplest food preparation tasks, to the more complex and involved art of using commercial appliances to cook the victuals to perfection. Let’s begin with the equipment you will need.  The main items a caterer needs to store, prepare food, and clean up after an event are a stove, oven, refrigerator, freezer and a dish washer to wash the enormous amount of dishes that are used by clients and their guests. 

Now that we have briefly touched upon the major appliances needed to keep food at it’s preferred temperature, prepare the victuals, and the clean-up after a given event, let’s talk about the simplest pieces of equipment that are used in a purveyor’s commercial kitchen. When a purveyor and his or her team of culinary artists prepare to chop vegetables, or cut up meats such as chicken, pork, and other delectable meats for specific dishes, these items are laid out on cutting boards.  Cutting boards are scientifically designed and mechanically engineered to be used, so that counter tops, table tops, and other services are kept clean and free of scratch marks or other damages caused by a specific knife.

The knives that are used to prepare ingredients that will be used in a client’s chosen dishes are designed differently for different uses. For example, Mechanical engineers and manufacturers have designed serrated knives to cut specific vegetables, whereas large cleavers, and chef’s knives are used to cut large portions of meat into smaller pieces. For instance, a roast can be sliced with a single chop of a butcher knife.  These large knives are used for cutting large vegetables such as cabbage as well.  There are many reasons why knives have been mechanically engineered to aid a quartermaster or restaurateur in the art of preparing the refreshments or menu items their clients procure for their special functions.

kitchenOther tools have been designed by engineers to make food preparation much easier for commercial food catering and party catering specialists.  These tools include, pots, saucepans, baking dishes, measuring cups and spoons, and spoons and spatulas to  cook and/or transfer the hot food from one cooking pot or pan to  a storage or serving container.  Cooking utensils are made of either medal, plastic, or Teflon, and have a heat resistant spatula, spoon, fork, etc., with a wooden or plastic handle to protect the user’s hands from  the direct heat of the burner.

There are many other tools that have been engineered to be used at the event itself once the food has been transported from kitchen to venue.  For example chafing dishes are used to keep hot foods hot, cold foods cold, ice buckets are used to keep beverages cold, and coffee pots, and other beverage makers are used to keep hot drinks at their desired temperature.  These are a few of the simplest ways that Mechanical engineering is used for a purveyor to prepare and serve the foods that have been purchased by his or her clients, and to clean up after the event has ended.